8:15am Registration and Refreshments


Rob Mannix, Editor, Asset Management, RISK.NET

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Chad Runchey, ‎Principal, Insurance Advisory Services, EY

9:55am ALL-STAR PANEL DISCUSSION: Focusing on risk alignment

  • How do you manage risk in the organization in the most efficient way?
  • How can you balance the desire for a strong risk management structure in an era of cost cutting?
  • How to ensure controls and compliance work together to have a consistent approach
  • Rising trend for the use of robotics and advanced analytics in risk controls and compliance activities

Moderator: EY

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10:45am Morning break and opportunity to network

11:15am LIVE INTERVIEW: Delving into Liquidity Risk for North American insurers

  • How to quantify liquidity risk? What are the possible sources of liquidity risk? 
  • Liquidity risk management and risk reduction techniques
  • Examining the impact of derivative clearing on insurance companies' liquidity risk, given long term economic hedging needs

Moderator: Dr. Hal Pedersen, Head of Quantitative Finance, CONNING & COMPANY
Rishi Kapur, Head of Liquidity Risk, MANULIFE
Nathaniel Wallman, CFO, TOA RE

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11:50am CRO PANEL: Surviving in an era of change and upheaval

  • What are the biggest risks and threats for the year to come?
  • What are the top regulatory requirements and risk priorities in the current market environment?
  • Best practices for conducting the risk self-assessment
  • Best approach for identifying and quantifying risks? Scenario analysis, internal/external data, or a blend of the two?

Moderator: Vinaya Sharma, Actuary and Managing Director, QUANTITATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT
Michelle Moloney, Chief Risk Officer, Protective Life
John Langione, Chief Risk Officer, QBE North America

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12.35pm SPOTLIGHT ON: Building innovation into trading and pricing tools for insurers

  • Aggregating data across various trading systems to enhance oversight and better decision making
  • Using the cloud for increased cost efficiency

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1:15pm Lunch and networking break






Rob Mannix, Editor, Asset Management, RISK.NET



LIVE INTERVIEW: Asset allocation in the current environment

  • How has the current liquidity and capital constrained environment impacted your appetite towards non-traditional and traditional assets?
  • Investing in growth assets in a capital constrained world
  • Which factors are likely to have the biggest influence on your asset allocation?
  • How much real discretion can an insurance manager hand over to the portfolio manager?

Mike Huff, Director, Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation, TIAA


Moderator: EY



  • What is considered valuable in the ORSA process to the company? 
  • A best in class ORSA report looks like? 
  • ORSA prospective solvency scenarios in your overall stress testing regime
  • If departments are not responding back when they receive submitted ORSAs - is this good for the supervisory dynamic?
  • What needs to change to make Section 2 a beautiful swan?
  • To what extent have rating agencies expressed interest in the ORSA?

STRATEGY LAB: The future of the insurance industry

  • Big Data: what are the concerns to the end-consumer regarding its use in product development and risk selection?
  • What are the uses of AI in insurance- how can it be used for risk management and decision making? What are the emerging risks associated with AI?
  • What is the risk that cyber will be covered under business disruption insurance (e.g., an attack brings down a website for 24 hours)?

3:15pm Afternoon coffee and networking break

3.45pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The future of the insurance industry


4:15pm REGULATORY PANEL DISCUSSION: Regulating the present and preparing for the future

  • Covered Delving into Covered Agreement: what does it do for insurers? What is the timetable of implementation? What is the future of its supervision? What are the pros and cons of the agreement?
  • State vs Fed: How are regulators working together in the current uncertain regulatory environment? 
  • With the current political climate what is your perspective on deregulation? How will the Trump Presidency impact ICS and IAIS? How can we stay engaged in a global approach to insurance regulations?

David Huntley, VP Financial Risk Management, MASSMUTUAL

5:00pm CHAMPAGNE ROUNDATBLES: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

From session to roundtable - Take the day's most contentious issues and fully engage with your peers in small interactive roundtable discussions to drill down, best practice share and take away diverse approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers.

  • Roundtable 1: ERM- connecting the engine house to the boardroom
  • Roundtable 2: Investment strategies driving returns
  • Roundtable 3: Responding to a cyber security breach
  • Roundtable 4: Regtech and fintech in insurance


5:35pm Networking Drinks Reception

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